If you want to learn by reading, or maybe enjoy some fabulous garden gadgets, you’ve come to the right place!

Companion planting may be the ticket to stronger plants and fewer pests!  I’ve loved this book since the 1970’s. Updated and still relevant, this easy guide steps the reader through the “how to’s” of companion planting. By planting certain plants together, both may benefit by keeping harmful pests away. Carrots love tomatoes. Roses love garlic. Simple! As the forward mentions: “All through this book you will find what to ‘grow with’ and ‘what not to grow with.’ Both are equally important to gardening success.”



Cut flowers from your garden add so much to any home. This book is filled with hard won lessons on planting gorgeous flowers, and has an emphasis on sequential gardening to harvest flowers throughout many seasons. Stunning photography and beautiful flowers make this book a keeper.





For anyone wanting a 1-2-3 “how to” recipe for creating stunning flower arrangements, you may want to add this one to your library. This book has a straight forward, step by step, guide for creating gorgeous arrangements. Tools, flower index, and toxicity guide (for pet lovers) are all included. Photos show how to do each step, and there is a wonderful section on using vessels you may already have, but never considered for floral arrangements! Love.



Similar in style and tone to Floret Flowers’ book, this simple-to-follow-along guide to crafting beautiful arrangements is so much fun to read and look at! One thing I have learned from both: what flower frog pincushions are! And to my great delight, my late mother had several squirreled away in the basement. Very handy as I apply the lessons from these two books.

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